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Financial Forecasting

The founder of this plugin has over 15 years of experience as a management consultant, focused on Financial Strategy, Budgeting, and Cash Flow Forecasting for businesses up to $50M in revenue.

There may be a fit if your business needs are as follows:

  • Looking to get more clarity on the financial health of your business.
  • Looking to identify how to grow to the next stage with either more staff or equipment / vehicle purchases, but not sure how risky that is.
  • Want to be able to plan more strategically each year and monitor your progress each month.
  • Want to learn how to evaluate your business in a more objective way.
  • Struggling to manage cash from month-to-month, despite the fact that your business appears profitable and growing.

An initial 15 minute phone consultation is free.


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Our Customer Reviews

“Great application - intuitive for the clients and helps reduce the number of tire-kicking calls I get!”

-Tomas J.

“Adds an interesting element to my site and helps keep clients on my page longer and lowers my bounce rate!”

-Steven C.

“Nice to have a tool to differentiate me from the competition!”

-Jacob N.