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Lock Rekey

/your brand/ offers complete re-keying services for businesses or residences throughout the Greater /your city/ area. Lock re-keying involves the replacement of a lock’s interior tumblers – it makes the existing set of keys unable to operate the door. This is a great option if you’ve lost your keys – it saves the locksmith from having to replace the entire lock system. Once the locks in your space are re-keyed, you will be given a new set of keys that match the newly arranged lock. Our technicians are prepared to re-key any lock in your office or home in a professional and efficient manner.

If you re-key your entire system of locks including every door, you can make a universal lock system – allowing a single master key to open all locks in your space. This helps make the most of space, and simplify your wallet. If you desire, our technicians can help create a universal system for your home or business.

Why Re-Key?

  • New Keys Provided
  • Helps minimize amount of Keys Used
  • Protects you against Forced or Unwanted Entry
  • Custom new car keys made on-the spot
  • Universal Lock System

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